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Tags abandoned in Password Manager

I'd like to express my regret not only for password manager abandoning the concept of tags, but also of the inaccessibility  of previously entered tags from searches.  I habitually pulled up a tag ('banks' or 'credit cards' or 'medical') rather than try to remember what I named a particular website, or to check on just how many credit card logins I have.  Coupled with the new inability to launch password manager from Norton Security icon on the desktop (password manager appears under "More Norton" but clicking on the icon only allows one to add it to a new device, not to open the database for maintenance as it used to.  The only access to password manager on windows now appears to be via a browser extension.)  Although the Microrsoft Edge interface has some nice enhancements, I resist updating my Internet Explorer add-in so that I can continue to bring up the traditional Idenity Safe interface.



Re: Tags abandoned in Password Manager

I just renewed my subscription yesterday (boxed Norton Security Deluxe). Just noticed that all my Addresses, Wallet, Notes and Tags are missing. Also looks like there is some problems within PW Manager. I have clicked on several logins and a different login opens up. Is Norton having some serious coding issues?
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Re: Tags abandoned in Password Manager

The only access to password manager on windows now appears to be via a browser extension.)

You can still access your Norton Password Manager, NPM, vault from the Norton GUI. From the main Norton screen, double click on Online Safety pillar, then on Password Manager. That will open up your vault and allow you to browse and edit logins.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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