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TAGS on password manager have no functionality / access in CHROME

I'm switching from Internet Explorer to Chrome and have found that I have lost assess to TAGS on my vault entries when in the Chrome browser. In IE I was able to search by tag in my vault from the pull-down menu. This functionality in Chrome seems to be gone. Even in the edit mode in Chrome an entry has no TAG field / option. Am I missing something?



Re: TAGS on password manager have no functionality / access in CHROME

@Dennis Bass

I do not think you are missing anything - per the following:


First item under Other Changes (part way down the page)

"Tags for vault items are not currently supported. We're planning improved ways to group and organize your vault items."

That said, I changed from IE to Edge (when I upgraded to WIN 10) and since have changed my default browser to Chrome.  I can select the Internet Security pillar on the main page of Norton > open Password Manager > select Tags and my previously created Tags are displayed.  

FWIW, if I open my Vault via Chrome Browser ICON, TAGS option does not appear.

Hope this has helped some!

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