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This forum thread needs a solution.

Is there differences between 360 and norton security deluxe?

Specifically, I care about the Anti-virus and firewall. Looking at the description in the checkout it doesn't mention a firewall at all. Other places I've seen mention a "smart 2 way firewall"

Basically, is this the SAME AV and firewall as 360? I do not care about online storage, or back up, the number of devices etc etc, I only care about security and want to know if this is as secure as 360, or if there is any differences. 

I'd also like to know if I can just enter the activation key in my 360 and it would swap over without having to completely uninstall everything and use the removal program. I don't really want to uninstall everything and leave it unprotected even if just for a moment.



Re: Is there differences between 360 and norton security deluxe?

Hello Izzi

Norton Security is the newer product. Eventually N360 will not receive support. We don't know when that will happen. The differences in the products would be in things you are not interested. Norton Security indeed has a antivirus program and a firewall. You would have to get the Norton Security Premium to use that key to activate the N360

If you would want to install Norton Security, it is available only as a download. The program takes care of uninstalling N360 as part of the installation. It then continues with installing Norton Security. You cannot use the Deluxe key to activate N360 though.


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Re: Is there differences between 360 and norton security deluxe?

Hi Izzi:

Further to floplot's post, the latest v22.7.1.32 of N360 and NS Deluxe both use the same antivirus engine and SDS (Symantec Data Scanner) technology and the same Norton Smart Firewall.  The Salient Features section of the support article Comparison between the various Norton products and their features compares the major features of the two products.  The main difference feature-wise is that NS Deluxe has no backup feature (you need NS Premium to get backup) but backup doesn't sound like a concern for you.

With the exception of the backup feature, the biggest difference between N360 and NS Deluxe is the license.  N360 can only be installed on Windows PCs and can typically be installed on 3 devices.  NS Deluxe is a multi-device product (Windows PCs, Macs, smartphones or tablets) and can typically be installed on 5 devices.  The support article mentioned above compares the licenses for all Norton products as well.

Norton just introduced a new edition of the NS product line call Norton Basic, and Norton Basic is the only edition in the new NS product line that does not include the Smart Firewall - see the product comparison chart for the various NS editions at https://us.norton.com/norton-antivirus.
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Re: Is there differences between 360 and norton security deluxe?

@lzzi: this site, nortonsecurityonline.com/norton-security-vs-old-products.html , provides you with an overview of Norton products. And, you can Google Norton 360 review and/or Norton™ Security Deluxe review for detailed info such as system requirements, pros & cons and the alike.

Meantime, you may contact official Norton Support here.

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Re: Is there differences between 360 and norton security deluxe?

The main difference between 360 and NS Deluxe is that the NS Deluxe does not have the backup feature.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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