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Think I have a virus that's stopping norton from updating

Firstly using phone so sorry for the layout, using Windows 10 on PC. This started around xmas time, I tried to update norton and upon restart I could not log in . After entering my pin the login screen went to the circle that spins to show its loading, 8 hours later (overnight) it's still going So had to restart a few times and it finally let me log in, except...... now my norton icon was a white icon and nothing would happen when I clicked on it I went through the process of (1.) Norton removal tool (2.) Re download Norton Seciurity from my Norton account on their website (3.) Run live update, no updates (4.) An hour or two later, norton update is available but must restart (5.) Same again, doesn't allow me to log in (either repeat process or disable updates in order to use computer) . A few notes (1.) Task manager is disabled when I do finally get to log in after update (can be between 3-5 restarts after stuck at logging in) so I created a shortcut which works (2.) My icons and start menu are highly unresponsive most of the time immediately after the "update" (3). Have run a number of full system scans straight after installing norton (which is the only time it works, unless I disable updates so that it doesn't restart itself) Scans have all come back clean, nothing of any kind was detected (4.) Safe mode doesn't work . Sometimes after it asks for a restart it won't even get as far as the login screen and just hangs on a black screen with mouse pointer Kinda out of ideas now on where to go from here (Currently just have basic norton security with updates disabled otherwise once I shut down the computer it seems to count it as a restart and forces the updates to install, basically how I am now = instant login no issues, updates enabled I have the above issues)

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Re: Think I have a virus that's stopping norton from updating

Was there another security program on your computer before you installed Norton Security? If so you need to fully remove that with the removal tool for that software. Then reinstall Norton to get a clean copy.

If this is not your case, contact Norton Support and ask about the Virus Protection Promise. They can check your system for malware.   www.norton.com/contactcs

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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