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Threat Definitions

Dear All,

Please explain to me why the Norton Virus Definition seems like only few threat definition per day release of, for example when I look to Security Respond in Norton web there are only few threat mentioned in the definition as per attached screen shot, there are only 2 threat in the definition as well as for the vulnerabilities.

Awaiting the explanation.

Best regards,

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Re: Threat Definitions

For some reason, the definitions update information for Norton Products has been dumbed down.  It may be because much of the detection function is now cloud-based.  I think if you check the Symantec product threat page, you will get a better idea of what signatures are being released.  The Norton threat page used to be identical to this.



Re: Threat Definitions

Hello SOJive,

Thanks for your information, just confusing for the latest of Norton Security that all definition store in the cloud, its mean when I run the Live Update the all definition not all to download to my computer, is it still store in the cloud ?, and another confusing is when I travel for while out side of my network that there are no internet connection, so Norton doesn't work ?



Re: Threat Definitions

Signatures for the most prevalent threats are stored locally on your computer.  Definitions for less common malware are stored in the cloud.  Norton still works when you are offline.  While you do not have access to all definitions when not connected to the internet, you also have less chance of infection in that situation, unless you are plugging in unfamiliar USB drives, of course. 

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