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Time to look after existing clients

My subscription was due in a few weeks and I received an email informing me that this would cost $219. Website offers $95 to new users. Help Desk operator was able to renew at lower figure, but if I had allowed Automatic Renewal to occur I would have been slugged the extra $124. Why not reward loyal clients - isn’t retaining/growing client base as a fundamental to a successful business?

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Re: Time to look after existing clients

Hello Peejay 22

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

We tell Norton customers to turn off automatic renewal. We recommend that customers shop around either in local stores or in safe, legitimate online sites. Stay away from eBay when buying or selling computer or phone programs. They are too easy to sell used products as new ones.

Marketing has a lot to do with the way the Norton Store operates. The local stores and online sites will have lower prices than the book store most of the time..

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Re: Time to look after existing clients

Ok will do. Thanks floplot

Re: Time to look after existing clients

Norton's automatic renewal strategy is garbage. While other companies (Emsisoft example) reward loyal members with discrepancies, Norton wants to charge more.

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