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This forum thread needs a solution.

TomTom 600 set up for norton

any help would be great.

Hi Guys-n-Gals,

I have a TomTom 6000 that runs on tomtom's "MyDrive" I seem to be having trouble in connecting my device and getting Norton to allow it permission to download.

any help would be great.

Many Thanks 

Will Stewart



Re: TomTom 600 set up for norton

Hi WilliamStewart,

I am not familiar with Tom Tom (I have a Garmin), so the functionality/terminology is different.  I did find the following links which may help you get through this, although thee is nothing specific about Norton and avoiding a block.  Perhaps the latest MY DRIVE version may be more compatible with the current Norton?





Sorry I am not much help - hopefully someone more familiar with Tom Tom/firewall rules will come along. 


Re: TomTom 600 set up for norton

I have not seen any issues with my Tom Tom software accessing the updates.

Are you seeing a message from Norton saying it is blocking something? Can you post a screenshot of the message?

Instructions to post screenshots can be found here

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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