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Toolbar Removal

Wanted to get rid of the annoying toolbar not asked for, so unable to have off by myself, I called. I gave the go ahead to your technician to get into my expensive laptop on-line, after that I had a terrible time with clicking on any ads, there came an error, so I tried a restore to the last date but it did not fix the problem, so I did an undo restore and my screen came with just the back light, nothing more!? I took it to the store where I bought the laptop just 15 months ago (outside of warranty), they tried to fix it but could not. Then I went to a big store to get fixed, they tried but were not successful. However were able after opening it to save my documents on a thumb-drive, all that after $160.oo expenses and No Laptop! Back to my old slow one with windows Vista! Lesson of the story, don’t let anyone you don’t know get into your pc via online!



Re: Toolbar Removal

Hello Rejean

Are you sure you contacted the Official Norton Customer Support? What kind of ads were you trying to click on and why were you trying to click on ads? What Operating System? What Norton product did you have and what was the version you had?


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Re: Toolbar Removal

Hello Rejean  Vice having restored the system to an earlier day do a Windows 10 "refresh". Your files and programs will stay intact and Windows will correct anything that isn't up to par with the OS.



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Re: Toolbar Removal

Hello Rejean,

My name is Rick and I'm a Symantec employee. I just sent you a Private Message. Would you please reply to me there so I can take a closer look at your case? Thank you!


Rick V.

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