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This forum thread needs a solution.


Downloaded Torch as part of a Bell Speed test.  It acts as browser and seems to take over PC and searches etc.  Put out games and music on PC.  It will not uninstall in normal uninstall.  Just is not affected by uninstall.  Files seem hidden in file directories.



Re: Torch?

<< The Torch company and their associated browser have been deemed by several authorities as a Malicious software virus most commonly known as MalWare ... .You cannot remove this software by conventional means. You need to use Malware remover software like Malwarebytes or Spybot , both of which have free versions you can download from the internet. As an IT professional with 17+ years... Full answer >>  source search results  MBAM free (link is external) (orange bar)



<< Torch may not uninstall properly if there are still instances running in the background. You can shut them down via the Windows Task Manager or, just to be 100% sure you can re-boot your computer, and then, without opening Torch, uninstall it normally via the Windows uninstaller.>> source Torch


Re: Torch?

" as a Malicious software virus most commonly known as MalWare"

That is incorrect, actually quite false, due to  "Malicious software virus" what??

Commonaly known as a PUP / PUA or Adware    (PUP.Optional.TorchMedia) which is not considered Malware of Which a "Virus" part of


Spybot is Old tech now also



Re: Torch?

One link above, from bjm lead me to a best answer which was:

Open Task Manager (right click on task bar > task manager) 
Click processes tab 
Look for torch process running in it, (.exe) 
Right click > end process 

Then try uninstalling it. 

If you still can't uninstall it, then use Revo Uninstaller [Free] and use force uninstall 

I downloaded and ran Revo-Uninstaller and got rid of all of Torch files.  There were many and all over the PC in lots of directories.  THANKS to SAM

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