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Trouble changing passwords

We have a requirement to change passwords monthly.  Since we converted our two Windows XP machines to cloud vaults to match our Win 7 machine, I've had nothing but trouble with the password change process.  At the first instance I ended up wasting hours while support used the removal tool and reinstalled on every machine.  Unfortunately, we didn't have a good backup at that point and we lost everything in that process.  Support told me I shouldn't even try to change passwords.  That is not acceptable answer and all documentation says II can change the password.

The next month, I changed the password, and it worked OK on the first computer but the others ended up failing.  I ran the removal tool on my own and restored the other computers to get them working.  The next month, somehow, I was able to change the password successfully and it was accessible to all 3 computers.  I'm now into yet another month of changing the password and I'm locked out on the two Windows XP computers (the password was changed on the Win 7 computer and it is working fine there.)  Oddly, on the first day, on one XP machine, which was up waiting for a login, when the password was changed on the Win 7 machine.  I was able to use the old password and access the vault all day.  All the computers were shut down overnight.  Today, however, the computer that was working with the old password is just like the 2nd XP computer and neither the old, nor the new password works.  The password hint on both XP computers is for the old password.  The Win 7 computer correctly shows the new password hint and is operating fine.  The vault on the web works correctly too.

So first and foremost, I am looking for an answer to how to do the password change so this never happens again.  Do all other computers need to be completely off at the time I make the change?  Do I simply need to make sure the other computers are logged out of Norton, when the change is made?  Do I need to log off and shut down the other computers while the password is changed?  Is there something about the mixed operating system environment that is affecting this?  Do I need to make the password change on one of the Win XP computers first?  (Yes I know the status of support of support from MS on Win XP.)  Is

Secondarily, I'm looking for a way to fix the vault on the 2 XP machines without having to run the removal tool and complete set up N360 again.  Is there some local file / directory on the Win XP machines that  I can reset that will stop them from ignoring the fact that the cloud vault has changed and has a new password and hint?

Finally, I am VERY disappointed with this aspect of the cloud vault.  Norton talks about changing passwords on a regular basis.  But my experience with IDS in N360 is that changing the password causes many hours of wasted time for me.  While I think it should be very easy, I could live with some very explicit instructions that are maybe a little complicated if the task can be done without breaking access every month.  If there isn't a solution that doesn't involve the removal tool in the next month or so, we are going to have to look at if N360 is replaced with something else, since IDS is one of the major reasons we even choose N360.



Re: Trouble changing passwords

Hi ConLine,

Thanks for the in-depth information, please see this in regards to Changing the ID Safe Password .  Bear n mind, you must be signed into your vault in order to get to the Security Tab which holds the change Password Option.

If you can log into any of the three system's vault, I suggest you Export the logins in both .csv and .dat format  just incase for some reason you lose the data.  That way you will have it handy to Import. Exporting to a USB Drive would be real handy.

Just curious, do you have the three systems listed under devices in Norton Management and do you have Remote Management turned on (I believe it is under Administrative Settings in N 360).  These two work together to keep the Online Vault and info synced between the three systems.

Once we get answers to these questions, we'll know what would be best to suggest.


Re: Trouble changing passwords

We do have all 3 systems listed in Norton Management.  For some reason, however, the Win 7 computer says it is at risk, although I see no indication of why that is.  N360 says it is up to date and fine. 

So, with the other 2 computers logged out of our Norton account, I finally did a delete vault from one of the (Win XP) computers where the password was not working.  I recreated it with the password originally set on the Win 7 computer.  At that point I was able to successfully open the recreated vault on the other two computers.  One of the computer is backing up the vault.  I imported from that backup and all 3 computers are seeing all the information.


Re: Trouble changing passwords

OK - so all is good now, except for the one system (win 7) saying it is at risk per Norton Management?  Does the system tray Norton Icon have a green checkmark for that system?

Have you double checked to make sure Remote Management is ON for that system?

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