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This forum thread needs a solution.

Trouble verifying shopify site

We recently developed a new website because of some malware infections on our previous.

I need to have our site re-evaluated, but I am unable to verify the site as owner.

I have already added my meta tag to my <head> and also tried uploading the html file to the root directory. Neither will give me the result I need and live chat assistant does not seem to understand my issue.

Would just like to have my site verified and re-evaluated please. (www.grassrootscalifornia.com)



Re: Trouble verifying shopify site

Hello Elliott GRC

I will ask the Safe Web Team to rerate your website. It appears that your redeveloped website has the same name as the old one since I just got the blockage, so you don't need to get it verified again. Please stay tuned to this thread for a response back from the Safe Web Team later tonight.


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