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Two times the fun! Double Norton Toolbar.


I've been having a bit of an issue for a while now, and figured that it would sort itself out, but so far no joy. 

Using Chrome (currently v4​8.0.2564.97 m) across a few systems. 

Every few days, the Norton Toolbar just goes offline, and usually when I check the extensions, I see two disparate versions of the extension installed. 

If I remove both versions, and then reinstall, it resolves for a time, but invariably returns to the failed state. 

Here is what I see in my extensions list: 

Suggestions? TIA!



Re: Two times the fun! Double Norton Toolbar.

Update Chrome current m
Disable n' Trashcan Norton Security Toolbar 2014.7.12.30


Re: Two times the fun! Double Norton Toolbar.

Current Chrome version is 48.0.2564.103 and Norton Toolbar is 2015.5.6.92.

How can you also have an old toolbar such as 2014.7.12.30 when usually any new toolbar replaces the previous one I cannot understand. Maybe you should uninstall this one?

EDIT: bjm_ was faster........

Windows 7 HP SP1 32-bit | Chrome 65.0.3325.146 | NS

Re: Two times the fun! Double Norton Toolbar.

That was my question as well, however - there it is! 

I keep removing both versions and then reinstalling the latest. 

After a while, the older one just magically comes on back. It's like this little Chrome-based badger that I ticked off somewhere along the way and seems intent on following me around until I die. 


Re: Two times the fun! Double Norton Toolbar.

what Norton do you have installed.....Norton product with built-in ID Safe or standalone ID Safe


Re: Two times the fun! Double Norton Toolbar.

I have two systems - one has stand-alone IDSafe and Symantec Endpoint Protection and the other has Norton Security Deluxe. 

I think, however, that I may have discovered the cause of the issue. A few days of testing should tell. 

Apparently, on the machine with Norton Security Deluxe, at some point I had installed the stand-along IDSafe, and it was not removed with the installation of NS. 

I have, since, uninstalled the stand-alone and will see if this helps. 

Will update when I confirm. 


Re: Two times the fun! Double Norton Toolbar.


Having 2 Identity Safes installed in one program would cause issues. I do hope you have a backup of the contents of the Stand Alone IDS that you deleted.


Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 2004 N 360 Chrome latest version.

Re: Two times the fun! Double Norton Toolbar.

Hi fourgotten,

Did you at some point in time uninstall the Norton Security Deluxe from your system and elected to retain the Identity Safe.  when you select to keep the ID Safe, it is the stand Alone version that gets installed.  When you reinstall NS one would think that The Stand Alone version would be removed, but it is not.  We have seen this (the reinstall of Norton not removing the Stand Alone) in the past.


Re: Two times the fun! Double Norton Toolbar.

I am pretty sure that I have found the actual cause. 

I have Symantec Endpoint Protection on a work machine and Norton Identity Safe on there, as well. 

I have Norton Security Deluxe on a home machine. 

Chrome uses the same Google account on both systems. 

The stand-alone ID Safe version matches the 2014.7.12.30 versioned extension, whereas the NSD version is the newer version. 

So, because the stand-alone version of IDSafe is disparate from the NSD version, what seems to be happening is that Chrome carries the extension configuration from one system to another. 

Tested this today, by removing both extensions from the work machine and allowing IDSafe to install it back. 

Got home to the wrong extension installed on the home machine. 

Looks like it's going to be a matter of either uninstalling/installing daily or using a different Google account for the work machine. 

Or, of course, convincing Symantec to update the version of the free, stand-alone product 'cause I am dissatisfied with this functionality and want a refund!!!! ... 

(In case the smiley didn't give it away, that last bit was just a little kidding around....) 

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