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Unable to Configure Identity Safe

Background of how the computers are configured.  5 computers in one household, two run Windows 8.1, one is Windows 7, one is Windows Vista and there is an old one never used anymore with Windows XP.  We have two 3-user Norton Internet Security licenses that are under one Norton account (the "parent" account).  One Windows 8.1 computer and the Windows Vista computer share the same ID Safe vault that is associated with the "parent" Norton account.  The Windows 7 computer "son1" uses ID safe with a separate Norton account associated with son1's email address.  Windows XP computer is not used and does not have ID safe installed on it.  All good and working fine so far.

Now "son2" gets a computer (the second Windows 8.1) computer.  We install Norton Internet Security from the "parent" account and that works fine.  Now we try to set up ID Safe and create a Norton account associated with son2's email address.  The account seems to have been set up but when we go through the "configure" option under "Settings" on Internet Security, it says the password is invalid (for the Norton Account, we've never got as far as setting a vault password).  We click on the "forgot password" option which brings up the Norton Account login page.  When we enter the password there, it works fine.  We've tried resetting the password anyway and it did not help.  We've displayed the password as we are entering it to be 100% sure it is the same and it is.  What is happening?  Is it possible to delete the Norton account associated with son2's email and start over?  There's nothing associated with that account yet.