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This forum thread needs a solution.

Unable to dismiss login popup on 'Name' fields

As a developer I work on a lot of web pages which have fields called 'Name' on them

Since Identity Safe has been updated to Password Manager whenever I visit these pages the Password Manager opens a popup dialog to fill credentials EVEN THOUGH THIS IS NOT A LOGIN PAGE

When this happens the dialog has no 'close' button and clicking away or typing 'escape' does not dismiss the dialog, which is sometimes in front of other fields that I need to access. At the moment I have to select a spurious login which dismisses the dialog and then delete the login id from the Name field

When this happened with NIS you could press 'escape' and the dialog would be closed

Please fix this



Re: Unable to dismiss login popup on 'Name' fields

Hi @Gary J Hayes,

Thanks for reporting in Norton Community Forums. Can you please provide website URL's with this issue for further investigation? 

Sunil_GA | Norton Forums Administrator | NortonLifeLock

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