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This forum thread needs a solution.

Unable to log-in to NIS vault

Dear Norton,

I had my laptop in service, then had to buy a new one and do all the installation and setting staff, meanwhile, the original thread was closed (https://community.norton.com/en/comment/7887991#comment-7887991), so I repeat the information and add some new. I have not been able to log-in into NIS extensions in Chrome and Firefox for months. It tells me I use a wrong password. I have checked a hundred times and it is a complete nonsense. I use the same password to log in into NIS application and it works. Or to be more precise, it works under strange circumstances... I can't log in directly, I have to type the old password, it rejects it as an incorrect one, then I type the new password and finally it gets through (yes, I changed the password months ago, maybe this was the start of the problems, or an update of NIS, I can't say...). If I type the new password directly, there is no chance to log in. In Chrome and Firefox extensions even this trick does not work. I have tried to sign out from the Norton Account, restart the browsers and sign in again, with no result. Everything is up to date, Norton, extensions, Chrome, Firefox, so what can I do with this problem in order to use NIS as I am used to? Thank you.