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This forum thread needs a solution.

Unable to recover files from previous backups on NOBU

Hi all

Although we no longer use Norton Security (NS) or Norton Online Backup (NOBU) for day to day backups we check fortnightly that we are able to restore files from old NS and NOBU backups just in case one day it becomes necessary to restore a historic document/file.

This last week though this has not been possible at all - on a few attempts it just reverted to home page without attempting it.

A few have resulted in 'restore in progress' but never got any further than that!

The last couple were left as 'restore in progress' for 60 minutes plus before we got bored and cancelled them.

Is it just us?  Is there anything we can do to sort it?

Thanks in anticipation.




Re: Unable to recover files from previous backups on NOBU

Hi Steve.

I am not aware of this happening for others and Norton seem to be reporting all services as functional...

Are both the old NS and NOBU backups giving trouble and are both stored on the Norton servers?

Assuming that the answers to the previous questions are yes and yes... then can you browse through the backed up files and select whichever files you choose?

As you do not seem to be using Norton for backups at the moment what software are you using to attempt the restore (including version number)?

Hopefully your problem is now resolved but if not I await your answers...


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