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Unable to restore files from Symantec Online Restore DVD's

A little over a month ago my hard drive crashed. Prior to that I had been backing my files up too NOBU. I tried several times to restore my file from NOBU. I spent a week going back and forth with a number of tech support folks and was told my issue had been elevated and sent to someoneon the server team. The decision was finally made to recover my files from the server and send them to me by mail on DVD.

The readme file with extraction instructions reads:

Instructions for extracting the data:

1. Copy all files from each DVD to a local folder    on your PC. An ideal location would be your Desktop.

2. Double-click / Run the file ending in .EXE    For Example: 2221234_Restore.part1.exe

3. Ensure you direct the location to extract to a single    character folder from the root of your C:\ drive.

   Example: C:\1

   The long paths and filenames in the restore set will    not allow an extraction to any other location without    encountering errors.

    NOTE: The files are encrypted with a password. This     will be provided separately for security purposes.

4. Once the data has been extracted to that single folder    you can access the data using My Computer or Windows    Explorer. You can then move the files to a location

But the problem is the NOTE in Step 3, what password? Where do I get it? What password is it? I've had the DVD's since 9/7/12. There was no additional letter in the fedex envelope, no email, no phone call, etc. telling me what the password is so that I can extract my files and restore them.

How do I obtain the password I need so that I can extract my files?



Re: Unable to restore files from Symantec Online Restore DVD's


If you still need the password send me a private message contacting the ticket number on the discs. From there I can get it for you.

For all reference you generally need to call the agent you were working with, provide them the same info I asked above and the password is released. It's not included in the shipment since that'd make the disc encryption pointless.

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