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This forum thread needs a solution.

Unable to restore quarantined item

Recently an executable for a Steam game got quarantined due to the issue mentioned at https://community.norton.com/en/forums/trojangen8-false

On trying to restore the quarantined item, Norton asks me to select a folder to restore it to.  However, no matter what folder I select, it fails, and just returns to the folder selection menu.  This continues indefinitely, even when creating a new folder to restore items to.

This is, quite frankly, extremely irritating.  I am completely unable to now use ENTIRELY LEGITIMATE software that I PAID FOR.  Searching online has turned up nobody with the same issue as me, so I felt it necessary to ask here if anyone has seen this same issue and/or knows some resolution.  If not, the intersection of the problem mentioned in the linked post and the inability of Norton to restore quarantined files means I will be removing Norton from my computer entirely so that I can actually use my other software.

FWIW, I am on Windows 10.