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Unable to update passwords on Chrome

I used Identity Safe on my home laptop, work PC & occasionally, my phone.  At work I use Internet Explorer & at home I use Chrome.  Since the changes to Identity Safe, I'm finding that my passwords do not sync to my vault. If I change one from my PC at work, it's not changed when I access Identity Safe at home, from Chrome.

Also, if I change a password on Chrome, it won't save it to my vault.

I've tried copying & pasting the password from Norton 360, then Identity Safe on Chrome asks if I want to save the new password - but when I select OK, I get an error message that "Something went wrong, please try again".

I even went into my vault through the Chrome toobar & tried to manually change the password there, but I get the same error message. 

Why?  How do I fix this? 



Re: Unable to update passwords on Chrome

It sounds like one of your systems is using a local vault, while the other uses the cloud vault. These two vaults cannot sync with each another.

You can check this on each system by closing your vault and signing out of your Norton Account. For the system using IE, open your Norton Security product and click on your email address at the top right, and sign out. On the system using Chrome, click on the ID Safe icon in Chrome, and close the vault, and then click the icon again and Sign out at the bottom right. Then on each computer, sign back into your vault. If you first have to sign into your Norton Account before signing into your vault, it is a cloud vault. If you do not have to sign into the Norton Account first, you are using a local vault.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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