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This forum thread needs a solution.

Unable to verify site in wordpress


I added the meta tag given to my site  a while ago http://www.structuredwaterhealthbenefits.com   but still no verification. The error message says unable to verify.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.




Re: Unable to verify site in wordpress


<meta name='norton-safeweb-site-verification' content='&lt;meta name=&quot;norton-safeweb-site-verification&quot; content=gvga-jl86jm5uvtjnvce2gux3a3u2plf-rr9sjzwvk9ykffsg5n8nf61btc8fobyxqqd-oqco13f1fqoo-jbisrlexs9ckh5k8fem5vo7tyhi8-j43n6xuaq4evivm30' />

We'll try to raise attention to your concern.


Re: Unable to verify site in wordpress

Hello Calen. From my screenshot it appears as though you added the metadata into the Space X-Chimp plugin vice the header.php in your theme. Please see this article.


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Re: Unable to verify site in wordpress

Hello CalenR

Once you copy and paste your Meta Tag from the email you received from your email from Safe Web. The Meta Tag can not mention quote. It should look like this sample.

<meta name="norton-safeweb-site-verification" content="actual_string_content_with_no_spaces_or_line_feed_or_formatting_characters"/> You have to fill in the string content using what you got in your email from Safe Web. Rather than trying to fix what you tried to do in your source code,you can just paste it into your next post.

Once you do that, then I can submit it to Safe Web to verify & evaluate it.

Have a Good Night and


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