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On unique scheduling + handling backup-sets using W-explorer

1. Is there away to schedule the actual backup to shutting down my laptop (Lenovo W8.1) (i perform daily backup - at the end of the day-work & then shut it down) ? 2. i love the visibility - through Windows explorer - to the backup set. a. can i "drag" a backed-up file(s) to any location? b. combine 2 backup sets? c. control the screen layout text (text, icon size for example) Summarizing Qn-2 i'm looking for a good tutorial on operations possible on backup-set using Windows explorer Many thanks..

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Accepted Solution

Re: On unique scheduling + handling backup-sets using W-explorer

Hi Eunice and welcome!

Wow - quite a number of questions you have.  Let me try my best to answer in the order presented.

1. Shutdown after backup completed? Yes, but only when running a Manual Back up.  You should see the option: 'Shut down computer upon completion'.

2a. I don't believe the drag and drop option is available for restoring files. However you do have the option to restore files to their original location or to a different location when using the Restore option.

2b. I am not aware of any method to combine two backup sets

2c. The main user interface does not allow for text or icon customization.

The Help Section in the Norton interface provides links to video tutorials and also to the product manual which was installed with the product (98 pages).

If you wish a more in depth product manual you can download the complete Norton Security with Backup Product Manual from this Norton page. (416 pages)

Should you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

"Anyone who isn't confused really doesn't understand the situation."   Edward R. Murrow

Re: On unique scheduling + handling backup-sets using W-explorer

Many thanks Phil for detailed answer



Re: On unique scheduling + handling backup-sets using W-explorer

.. Again many thanks Phil

Re: Case of interest - USB stick to USB stick

Have verified that N backup allows the configuration: 

- saveset to be on one USB stick

- Source to be on another USB stick

It seems that the ID letter MS appends to the USB name (e.g. USB stick name: my data (D:) ) is associated with the actual USB stick. It allows to plug the USB to arbitrary socket.. ?

The idea is to have data and backup stored a way from a PC and a communication-system and without the need to remember where to plug what

Hope the above make sense    :)


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