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Unwanted automatic upgrade

It seems my Norton Security has upgraded to the new version automatically (the tick is now different with a transparent background) when I have always had automatic upgrades turned OFF in settings.  When I check the settings now there is no longer an option to turn off automatic upgrade.  It seems to be working ok but it's extremely annoying that my preferences have been over-ridden and the option not to upgrade to new version automatically, has now gone.

I specifically leave it turned off after having teething problems with a new upgrade once and like to be in control of what changes are made to my PC (for obvious reasons).  Anyone else had this?  And is this option gone now?



Re: Unwanted automatic upgrade


The option was removed in the recent 22.17 update.

For more info about all the 22.17 changes see the post at


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Re: Unwanted automatic upgrade

The automatic upgrade option was referring to upgrading from a major version number. ie The 22.x.x.x to a 23.x.x.x. We have been on the 22.x.x.x versions for a couple of years now. That setting did not stop updates from 22.15.x.x. to 22.16.x.x. , so you would have gotten all the updates you have seen. 

I would suggest that Norton removed that setting as it was redundant and useless. They seem to be staying with the 22.x.x.x for the foreseeable future.

The only way you can stop these automatic incremental updates is to disable Automatic LiveUpdate. But that would also leave your system vulnerable because it would also stop malware definition updates.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Unwanted automatic upgrade

Thank you.  Well as long as the upgrades don't change significantly.  I had loads of problems in the past!

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