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Update Mania

This morningI had a message from Firefox to say that Addons had been updated to improve security etc. This involved updating Norton Security and also Norton Toolbar is labelled "Legacy" and requires Norton to update.

Then I enter the Symantec Site and find that the welcome page has a seried of circles with letters in it - excruciatingly "modern" and useless in my opinion. Someone has decided to tinker and improve.

Why oh why do we have - (what IMHO are pointless) these up dates (?) / improvements (?) / life and functionality improving (?). After all the problems we had with Firefox security and Norton Vault not only do we have a new problem with Firefox, our own team are screwing up.

If it aint broke - don't fix it. OK I don't have to use it but I do have to avoid the welcome page at all costs. Stop messing with true functionality - start making your products easier to use and don't impose useless garbage that wastes our time and raises our blood pressure.

Just an opinion guys - but deeply felt - I never thought you would join the Microsoft, Apple, Google et al club that udates and ruins the cistomer experience

Kind regards


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