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This forum thread needs a solution.

Updates-Reinstall complete-Malware

On 11/24/17 I ran LiveUpdate. It downloaded six (6) files but #5 and #6 installation failed.

Then program found 51 bad files when complete system scan was run. Program not running like it used to. So I ran Power Eraser which only messed up Antivirus worse. Antivirus ran slow and slower.

Thinking I might still have a virus or malware, I attempted to download a trial version of Malware Protection. Nothing happened. Following Malware instructions I was NOT able to uninstall Malware Protection. 

Went back and ran a full system scan. It ran complete this time but DID NOT indicate I had any problems. It said my computer was protected.

What should I do now?





Re: Updates-Reinstall complete-Malware

If you tried installing another security program while you had Norton still installed, that could have been the cause of blocking the installation. You should only have one real time security software installed at a time to avoid conflicts and possible reduction in protection.

Things are probably OK now, as you ran those scans with Norton. It probably fixed them on the first run, so the second run shows nothing. 

Without more information about the 51 bad files, we cannot say if they were just annoyance files, PUPs, or actual malware. But it appears Norton did its job and cleaned them for you.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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