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Upgrade from Norton 360 to Norton Security - Is backup preserved?

I am considering upgrading from Norton 360 to Norton Security with Backup. I can't find documentation which explains whether backups done with Norton 360 are preserved during the upgrade process.

I am presuming that I will be downloading a new product, and going through full install. What I am hoping (but do not want to assume) is that the previous product is detected, including backup, and that the previous backup will be preserved during the install process, and will remain operational after installation of the upgrade is complete.

Please confirm or deny my assumptions, thanks!

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Re: Upgrade from Norton 360 to Norton Security - Is backup preserved?

Hi Harvey Reed.

Welcome to the Norton Community Forums.

To be quite honest I cannot remember if the definition of the backup sets was preserved when I moved from N360 to NSBU but I am sure that the backups are preserved.  So if you have been backing up to the online servers or to a local drive the backups will remain and be retrievable provided that you use the same Norton account (which I would expect you to do).

Once you have upgraded you will need to check to see if the backup definitions have also moved across, if not (and I suspect that they may not) then all you need to do is to create a new set of definitions that match what you want.

I hope that helps.  If you do move across do let us know if the definitions are moved over or if you have to re-create them.

If you do move across you should get more licenses and the amount of storage space you get on the online servers will be greater I think.

Good luck.


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