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Using dentity Safe on public PC possible?


I am considering to register all my passwords and login- id's with NIS. But I realise that when I am using a public PC (Internet café) that I cannot obtain my passwords en Login-id's that I have registered in NIS. Is my conclusion correct or is ther a solution?

Thanks for helping.




Re: Using dentity Safe on public PC possible?

Hi Leendert,

What can you do with the Norton™ Identity Safe website?

The Norton Identity Safe website allows you to conveniently access your Identity Safe online Vault from any web browser capable device. For example, if you're using a computer at an Internet Café or a hotel business center, you still have access to your website logins, credit card details, and notes.

Is it safe to access my Vault data from my office computer, an Internet Café computer, or my mobile?

As communications between your device (PC or mobile) and Symantec's servers are encrypted using industry standard SSL/HTTPS, you generally need only consider the security of the device from which you're accessing your Vault data. We recommend that you only access your Vault data from a device that you trust to be secure


Re: Using dentity Safe on public PC possible?

Hi,  Thank you. That was the answer I was looking for. Was not aware of the url.


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