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Vault Closing issue

I need to restart my password vault after Google has been closed and started again later in the day.  It used to required only after my computer has been restarted.  If I use Microsoft Internet Explorer it stays open all day, even if the browser was closed.

How can I keep my password vault open all day in Google?


Accepted Solution

Re: Vault Closing issue

Hello Dean. Look in your Chrome settings for the following: Note - I don't personally use Chrome or IE so these instructions may be a bit dated. It should allow Chrome to keep your extensions active in the background. The browser I use is Opera with Chrome extensions and I do not have this capability with the Norton extensions although they are the same from the Chrome store.

"Click the Chrome menu button and select Settings. Click the "Show advanced settings" link and then scroll down to the System section. Tick the box labelled "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed" and Chrome will run in the background."

Hope that helps!!


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