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Vault Not Closing/Opening properly

Hi all,

Over the last two days, on two different computers (both W7, FF27.0.1, N360 Premier Edition), I've had an issue with the Vault. It went something like this.

The vault has been opened and passwords applied correctly. The PC is left for a while. On waking it up, the Vault is still showing as open, though this may have been after it's supposed to have auto-closed on the timer.  I didn't check, I'm afraid.Normally, this facility works OK, ie I often have to reopen the vault when I go back to the computer.


Anyway, I load a web page requiring a password. The password is not filled in automatically. I click on the Vault and get the pasword list. I click on the appropriate password and get an empty log in box, as attached.


I close FF, reopen it and the Vault Login's greyed out.  I click on it to sign in and I get the same blank page (the photo shows it the second time it happened, with the Vault shown closed in the background).


The  only way I can get back to normal is to switch off the PC and start again.  At the time of the first episode, I noticed that there was a marker on the Norton toolbar logo, pointing to a need to carry out a tune up.  I followed the instructions.  It took a long time to execute and made no difference to the problem.


It is may be significant that, on the second computer it had happened to, I'd used NU16 a day or so before, to carry out start optimise op. followed by a defrag, as the computer, a laptop, had seemed to be running slowly, but that doesn't explain the issue on the first computer.