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This forum thread needs a solution.

The Vault won't Validate with code sent.


over the past week I got logged out of my Vault Account.   When I try and login again it connects ok to my Norton account but, when I type in the code that has been sent via SMS to validate my account it attempts to verify and it goes back to the 'Get Started' screen, I repeat the process and get the same result.

I am on Windows 10 insider, latest build (Windows 10 home). 

I can login and verify my account on a browser (I have also logged out of the account on the browser before trying the above).  It does not validate by clicking the 'vault is closed;' icon on the toolbar in Internet Explorer 11, Chrome or Firefox or via the Norton Security with Backup GUI.

any help appreciated.




Re: The Vault won't Validate with code sent.

This is an issue that Norton has been made aware of. The work around seems to be going to your main Norton product screen and clicking on your email at the top right. Click on Sign Out. Close your Norton product and all browsers. Then sign into the vault again from the Toolbar. Remember you will first be asked for your Norton Account email and password, then the vault password.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: The Vault won't Validate with code sent.

thank you. that does indeed work. 

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