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Verify Website Failed

I am trying to verify my website velocespares.co.uk  by following the given instructions.

However, having added the meta data to my Home page and uploaded the HTML file to the root folder of the site the verification fails with the message "We were not able to verify your site ownership". When I click on the URL for the HTML file it is found and displayed by my browser. I have tried this multiple times but always with the same result. 

I want to remove a warning reported by Norton Web Safe App from my website but I'm unable to get over the first hurdle. Please investigate this for me as people are currently being warned not to visit my site although I am sure that the site is 100% safe.

Please see attached screen shot of failure message.

File Attachment: 


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Re: Verify Website Failed

Hello jjohnt

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

Your website is already re-evaluated as Green OK Good Luck with your site.

Since your issue is already solved, could you please pick the post which solved your issue by clicking on Mark As Solution located on the bottom of each post?

Have a Good Night and


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Re: Verify Website Failed

I am grateful that the warning has been removed from my website. However, I still don't understand why the verification process fails. Looking at other posts on this forum this failure happens to scores of other site owners. Surely, the verification process needs to be improved such that it actually works. I spent a long and frustrating time yesterday failing to get verified as the site owner. Seemingly many other people are wasting their time too struggling with a procedure that clearly doesn't work reliably.

Please fix it.

Accepted Solution

Re: Verify Website Failed

I would just like to add to my previous post my thanks to 'floplot' for correcting the status of my website back to green and for the speed of response. Much appreciated and Kudos duly added.

I am also closing this thread as the problem of resolving the failed verification process is probably not appropriate here.


This thread is closed from further comment. Please visit the forum to start a new thread.