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virus submission

I ran a scan on a folder and it showed no virus detected.  However a few minutes later a file got flagged as a virus by norton insight.  The file was quarantined.  I clicked on submit to Symantec.  What I'm trying to find out is this.  If the file is really a virus/malware will i be notified?  If its a false positive will i be notified?  Will I get an email sent to the email that norton was registered with?  OR will some popup tell me whats going on?  Once I hit submit it does not tell me what happens next.



Re: virus submission

Hello green15. Answering your questions regarding email concerning your detection. The short answer is no, you won't receive a message or email of the automatic submission to Symantec/Norton. You CAN however submit the file for review as a possible false positive by going here. You WILL receive a follow-up when the review has been completed.

First off lets see a screenshot of your detection here in the thread. It will help us understand what the detection was as well as what was detected related to the file name and associated program(s) it may use. Here is how to post that screenshot.


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