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w32.neshuta is suddenly being reported incorrectly

This morning, Norton reported high risk on w32.neshuta virus and flagged many legitimate programs. This seems to be a recent update to Norton, as those programs have been scanned for years and are legitimate and paid for. I wanted to report what seems to be a serious bug in Norton, finding false positives where there is no risk. It's left a mess on my PC and I'm trying to fix what I can. Norton flagged so many programs it crashed when I was trying to review the list. Not happy.   



Re: w32.neshuta is suddenly being reported incorrectly

This is a really OLD detection as reported here in a Symantec article dated 2005. And here in an Norton article as well. Both specifically are related to older operating system ,XP/Vista which are long retired from Microsoft support. If I may ask, what OS are you currently using and what product and version of Norton did you have installed?

If I can suggest, perform a system restore to a date PRIOR to getting this update from Norton. When completed, DELETE all restore point from the computer and reboot. Once rebooted create a fresh restore point and name it. This will prevent any files from being restored what could have possibly lead to the infection.

If you are on Windows 10, disable "fast startup" BEFORE reinstalling your Norton product. You WILL be required to remove and reinstall Norton once you do a system restore.


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Re: w32.neshuta is suddenly being reported incorrectly

Thanks for prompt response. I'm running Win 7 Pro and now think there may have been a security exposure yesterday that caused this. In hindsight, I should have investigated more thoroughly before reporting this. I've been a Norton customer since the beginning of time and had never had a problem, so I overreacted. Fortunately, I had a full backup and now restored and Norton is showing no problems. Again, thank you.

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