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Want to share the worst customer service experience I've ever had

After "help" from several tech support employees and 25 days I've had my limit of your product. I guess I'll wait another 3-4 weeks for the DVD to be produced and then shipped to see if my last 2 years of subscription net me any returns whatsoever of if I've justed thrown my money down the toilet which is how I completely feel at this time.

I've had poor customer service from time to time but was able to find or reach a resolution. What I have currently is nothing. What is so frustrating is that I would have been very happy with any of the prior week to my HD crash quick books backup. When I cant get back a single 60mb - 70mb file to keep from having to try and rebuild a month worth of files. Shame on me for trusting NOBU.

The following is my reviews posted to Cnet and Amazon.

To be fair up until 1 week ago I would have said NOBU was a good service, thats
because until then all I did was backup information. 1 week ago (8/31/12)  my laptop hard
drive failed. As much of a pain as it was, it was somehow not as bad knowing ALL
my files were safe. 1 week later I dont have even 1 single file restored. I have
ZERO answers. I'm "technically" still in process of trying to get files restored
but come on a week and nothing. I've been trying to restore 1 approx 70mb
Quickbooks file for 47hrs and 37mins, seriously, no kidding. Level 4 tech
support says they cant do anything until their system stops trying to restore
this 1 70mb file and gives them an error code. This is after numerous attempts
on their part to help with the problem. So I sit without any info for almost 2
full days waiting for an error code to pop up.
Is this the backup you


Just a follow up. It is now September 24th. I
talked with "Chris" 3 times the week of 9/10 and was told each time "Mike" would
call to continue to help fix the problem. No one ever called. I just got off the
phone with Chris again and will now wait 3-4 weeks for a DVD to be made and
shipped to retrieve my data. No resolution at all !!!! Almost a month later.
I've spent countless days re-creating my quickbooks files to the best of my
ability and have given in to the fact that some data will not be rebuilt. I can
at least get the few photos and odds and ends off of the DVD.
This is not a
service, it is a slap in the face theft of money. If all you want to do is
backup information you do not care if you loose or need in any reasonable time
frame then this is a wonderful service. If you need to backup information that
you would like to retrive oh say within a month or so look elsewhere.



Re: Want to share the worst customer service experience I've ever had

Hello Brian

I've researched your case and there are some critical items you've neglected to provide. The key reasons you didn't get a manual restore are outlined:

  • As the result of multiple restore queries started there were multiple jobs running. Those were cancelled out by Tier 3 and engineering. This would allow another restore to be started.
  • Another restore attempt was never made. Instead notes and a discussion with the agents show you flat out refused to even attempt a single file or entertain the idea. Instead it turned into a demand for a manual restore.
  • The agents want to work with you to help you restore the content if you allow them to do so. If the next attempt results in an error or failure then the manual restore request would be processed.
  • Multiple calls were made but no answer. Why no message was left though I don't know for certain.

So in the end no one is stealing anything or trying to make things difficult. Support is trying to help you use the product as it is intended to be utilized once the identified issues were rectified. If you call the same support team back and work with them to try again this matter can be easily resolved. The other option is send me your contact info via private message and I'll work with you direct to try the last step so we can move forward.

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