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This forum thread needs a solution.

Was I Hacked

While in the internet a message popped up stating the messenger is Microsoft and showing the Microsoft Windows icon.  The message from Microsoft said my computer was hacked and to call 800-605-2421 for assistance.  I allowed the person responding to the call to take control of the computer.  I agreed to pay $250 to repair whatever damage to the system.  Various programs were ran by the responding party over the next one hour and fifteen minutes after which I was informed the problem was resolved.  I was then offered protection from this occurring again with three protection periods (3 years, 5 years, lifetime) at various costs.  I declined the service.  I think I have been scammed and as a result lost $250.  I have the following information on responding party:

1.  Head Quarter - 229 W 43rd St. New York, NY 10036,

2.  Email - support@itechexpert.tech

Looking for similar experiences and a confirmation on my suspicion of being scammed.



Re: Was I Hacked

Hello!!! You were indeed scammed. https://blogs.microsoft.com/blog/2014/05/02/dont-fall-for-tech-support-scammers-offering-costly-pc-cleanup-solutions/

I would notify all banking institutions and close your current credit card asking for a new one. Monitor your credit and other financials as well.


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Re: Was I Hacked

Hi @Michael Carlson 12

I'm sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience with a scam support site. Unfortunately, since you allowed someone to access your computer there's not much we can do. 

You can contact your state Attorney General to report it and file a complaint with the FTC. Here is more information about Tech Support scams on the FTC website. From that website, "If you paid for bogus services with a credit card, call your credit card company and ask to reverse the charges. Check your statements for any charges you didn’t make, and ask to reverse those, too."

If you are concerned that your Personally Identifiable Information may have been stolen from your computer during the breach, LifeLock is a good service to help monitor your credit and financials. More information. 

Norton does provide a virus protection money-back guarantee if you get infected while Norton software is installed and functioning. (But since you allowed these people access to your computer, this guarantee is not valid anymore.) More information. 

We do offer spyware and virus removal services for a fee. More information.

We also provide computer tune-ups, multi-point inspection and repair services if your computer seems to be running slower than normal. More information.

There is also a service we call the Ultimate Help Desk, our most comprehensive support, from network setup to device diagnostics and troubleshooting.  More information. 

I'm sorry we can't do more for you. Hopefully some of this information can help you and others who may be facing similar situations. 


Re: Was I Hacked

If you get a call or call the number that says you have a problem with your PC here is a big Tip. If you hear loud background talking, + India or Pakistan accents it will lead to  = A Big Time Scam. Beware and just hang up on them

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