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The way I was able to transfer Identity Safe data to a new computer

Recently my old laptop died, but I was able to salvage the HDD and install in a case. Unfortunately I had neither created a a backup file or "gone cloud" with the data. Goggle searches led me to a closed, 2009 thread that resolved issue for a user. Link below is to that thread...


The solution presented did not work for me... perhaps due to changes in Windows 10 or Norton 360 or both... or because I simply am not that computer savvy. However, ultimately it gave me clues to a solution that may or may not be new to this community.

Anyway.... here is what I did that worked.

  1. I unhid all files on my salvaged HDD revealing the folder "ProgramData".
  2. Following the old thread's directions I was able to find the path to the data folder in: D:\ProgramData\Norton\{random numbers}\NSBU_22.2.0.31\IdentitySafeDataStore
  3. At this point there were two folders beginning with S-1-5-21-{long string of numerals}-{4 digit number}
  4. One folder, ending in 501, was older and empty. The second, newer folder, ending in 1000, contained the target, file \IDDStor2.dat
  5. I copied the entire folder to my new laptop's HDD.
  6. Using Identity Safe's Import function I was then able to "Merge" the old data into the my new computer's data file. I was prompted for my old vault's password before the merge began.
  7. I then deleted the file I had manually copied to my new laptop ending in 1000 and hid the files on my old HDD.

The key was copying the unhidden folder so that Identity Safe could find it when I browsed for it during the Import process. Identity Safe could not see the original "hidden" files even when they are unhidden... not even the top level, "ProgramData" folder. (Hope that makes sense.)

The vault works like a champ now... albeit not in Firefox45's toolbar as of yet. That's above my pay grade. But from the Vault I can launch the appropriate webpage externally for now... even in Firefox45.

Hope this helps someone...



Re: The way I was able to transfer Identity Safe data to a new computer

Hi Tour2ma,

Thanks for the information.  There is another long thread discussing the topic of a Local Vault which uses similar information that you have provided:


Also, hopefully there is a lesson learned from all your efforts - backup (Export) your Identity Safe Data - just as you would backup your system/personal files!   

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