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Web Site Verification Help

I've joined to try and figure out why my website - www.margaretfeinberg.com has a post that is showing up as a computer threat. I've been exploring the forums to see what other folks have experienced but it hasn't been helpful yet.

I've verified the site ownership and asked for a re-evaluation but am wondering if you know how long that process typically takes and what might have caused a post that's been up for months to suddenly be an issue?

Does anyone know how long the reevaluation process will take and how a post can create issues months after it is created?



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Re: Web Site Verification Help

Hello Leif_O

Welcome to the Norton Forum

Have you scanned the website and cleaned up any malware that does show up? It might show up now if it's a new malware that has recently been discovered. It might also be a false positive. If your scans of the site come out clean now, I can ask the Safe Web Team to re-evaluate the site. Has the site been rated in the past?

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Re: Web Site Verification Help

Hi Leif_O

We have manually analyzed your site 'margaretfeinberg.com' and found it to be clean so we have changed its rating to green.



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