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This Webpage Not Available All Browsers Problem

I was setting up a new laptop and have hit a problem affecting all browsers and related apps including iTunes Store and Norton Security full scan functions. I noticed it when both Chrome and IExplorer gave an This Webpage Not Available for every webpage attempted. I looked for solutions on an identical work laptop. None of the fixes worked. Cleared all browser history. Checked Norton Security firewall. And so on. The work laptop could access the Internet like normal. On the affected laptop, I noticed bittorent was working. So, all connection is not blocked. I did a full scan with Norton using the offline setting - nothing found. Now, I'm out of ideas and googling isn't giving me more....????



Re: This Webpage Not Available All Browsers Problem

Did the new laptop come with any other security software trials? If so, you need to remove that with the appropriate removal tool from that company.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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