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Webpage Security problems that can't be reported

I keep trying to report problematic pages, but it keeps telling me that I haven't entered a valid web address. I don't know how else to report this problem.

A Facebook post had a link to this website:

http:// bipartisanreport . com /2016/02/08/bette-midler-just-tweeted-a-quote-that-perfectly-describes-donald-trump-and-the-rest-of-the-gop/

When I check my history the address appears just like that.

That page led to another page that tried to trap me - malware - "are you sure you want to leave this page?"

When I tried checking it on safeweb it told me that this was not a valid website.

The link on that page that tried to trap me was the following 

http:// trends . revcontent . com/click.php?d=eJwdVNsVwjAIXYlXAowDAfYfQarHD9tauM9YnBMn3AIp2fyZSsGz6XhsFQhBp8Ju3anDqFcRj94Dh2mI9LhB8bWn%2FvBcDpGMsaTD4TQJdY%2B87N0QWvHEm5nSzFI8ssARH9KRqPBFImTVyMlXc%2FIZOGhliTi21lGURjS800cFptlEyzrYAeRcuFjBXSx3aB815hRSXKV%2BsmCFVPpxZu08OgRdt%2Fw07YA2OtdOZLTLa9LlOiE8d%2F%2B4i4jhHQZrvHoWr%2BycK2kX9RTeY%2BT04IF9lzsToPfHye%2FeZQKmJnR9Du9e94BdVrUqG4GYTDe2vRwkv3EFoIwrFJXUTymJPk3qoLZ9cSQ8OVYvFnCr%2B6ZgWeJbc6KB9IJUrVcsXTAAAWSTznQWjiHxeN0bEei81krNpDTNrKNWj9L30WgcXDTSy2d9dUi5%2Fb6gjM8Zbniv9Ty8fEx84r4Ez3HDvTXHgDO%2BN0sDhdlLgN%2FpyhGctzvkqnfTXcxVYPaIXvtLplcff8suv%2BktkxjFJLyZeNwckYqvecau0z0vwzcw%2Bi4CiW1%2BZr8bnbwkqK3zlMYCOvdTLa%2B6O0PzfZOPHMqULIalAvCP093t0kKbxJNwcJGYXlk1lpANhPLRGKpM4F13a41p3m4MnA3UuJJ74iZkhboeRKY6YQy0VOrAW%2BhNtnENW4uKnB%2FCHVA7ZKvjbOXcN8xaK1guhOps7b6nu1Yk5%2FVXzzGWerlV3GDq5XSKedRq0rpF80%2FsNYZ75AtEi1AfiNzGI%2FIVdrIgEdiidc7mcJ9oT22M%2B60%2FLkrf%2FYVPXJ%2FC2yraAXQ2orDdfYjNsgzarnagrja64rKFoyzf2IutGG2pbvPB9DPvzWaPbi6AizQ7RNGnRKFfoa3gve%2Btfmaeuxk%2BrsR325NxFnwB6mOu8U3EHkPWGzXYbm5w93xIWc83RZu4bZjPE%2FTNHe7BZZQtueWQcj1LHbPS2KXj9pFCXYO2bJuFuPSWsbLbHiW%2BFv0AhGBu6g%3D%3D

When I tried running that through safeweb it told me it was not a valid webpage

"It is titled: Why Obama won't finish the year as the US president"

That url never shows up on my history page. Instead what shows up is the following:

http:// blackbeltsurvivalprogram . com/?aff_id=666&subid=wC3G1TKIGE1B14JQGA6LO2NI

And then when you try to leave, the folllowing pops up:
http:// blackbeltsurvivalprogram . com/tl/?op_exit_redirect=true

I signed in to Norton Safeweb to report these pages, but I don't see any option to submit a user review. 




Re: Webpage Security problems that can't be reported


If you just want to provide user comments, you can use this site.


Do you want the Safe Web Team to analyze these sites?


Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Norton Core Security Plus Core Firmware 282 I E 11 Chrome latest version.

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