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This forum thread needs a solution.

What happened to "My Network"?


does anybody know, what happened to the menu "My Network"? I've just upgraded from NIS to NS w/o Backup and the network overview is gone noew.

I thought the only difference between the still existing two versions of NS is, that NS w/ Backup has it, NS w/o Backup, doesn't. Because I don't need Backup, I've been using now the "lighter" version. Seems, that the menu "My network" is also affected due this, but I've didn't read this anywhere....

Could anyone clarify? Thx.

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Re: What happened to "My Network"?

Do you mean the network security map where you could see you type of network to the left and the computers to the right? If so: this feature was dropped with the new Norton Security versions and replaced by a non graphical version, where you can add devices/computers manually (on IP/mac) and allow or block them from making a connection to your computer. This feature can be found in the firewall settings.

Re: What happened to "My Network"?

Double post

Re: What happened to "My Network"?

Hey, thanks!

I've overlooked this. Yes, I pretty much loved those graphical network map.....but at least, it's still inside even at NS w/o Backup.

Thx for your help, that was the solution

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