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When buying Norton

When buying Norton product I am asked to give mobile phone number (optional) still the countries code for Latvia is not correct and just new user it could spook away! So had chat with customer care and will see how it goes on. Called them couple years ago, had question about do they provide services to this Region and country, they answered yes. Since had to update billing information was reminded about this problem again. Two step verification is working with right country code.

+996 should be +371

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Re: When buying Norton

Did you click the down arrow beside the +996 to see if the correct number was available?

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: When buying Norton

No, unfortunately, there is no such code available as +371 in that menu, only at beginning it is possible, where and when you register for new account. Next menu offers automatically Estonia +372 and no such thing as +371 in list at all. As mentioned it is confusing for possible new costumer.

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