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This forum thread needs a solution.

When is Norton Toolbar/Norton Identity Safe going to work 100% on Google Chrome 64 bit?

Symantec employees ...

I decided to go ahead and upgrade to Norton Security 2015 from Norton 360 in hopes that everything was going to work on all 3 of my browsers.  One of the Symantec employees told me a few weeks ago that the new Norton Security 2015 would make it work for Google Chrome 64 bit.  Well, it's NOT working.

Right now, I cannot even get the Norton Toolbar thing to show up underneath the Google Chrome 64 bit "Bookmarks bar" where it has "Vault is Open/Closed" and so forth.  When I go to a website that is supposed to fill in my username/password it doesn't work at all on any of the websites where it is supposed to.

When I go to a website that will fill in the username/password using Firefox 32 bit it works fine.  I hope that everything works just as well once Mozilla Firefox 64 is released.

With Internet Explorer 11 64 bit, there's an annoying bug where you cannot get the Norton Vault to open manually via the Norton Toolbar on some webpages though.  You can open the Vault manually via the Norton Toolbar when you first start IE 11 64 bit but when you go to another webpage it will not open the Vault manually when you click the "Vault is Open" button on the toolbar.  It will still fill in username/passwords on websites where it is supposed to though. 

Why doesn't it work for Google Chrome 64 bit?  I want this new Norton Security 2015 software to work perfectly on ALL my browsers ... whether they are 32 bit OR 64 bit ... Mozilla Firefox 32.02 or higher, Internet Explorer 11 or higher, and Google Chrome 37.0.2062.120 m (64-bit) and higher.  Is Symantec working hard to make this happen?