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"Where is the problem? Norton Backup or Norton ...?"  


I wish to tell my story.

Firstly, I've been with Norton for more than 10 years. Through thick and thin, I use N360 and my file count seems to be in the millions. From a backup point of view I have had no problems until recently, in fact it all started a couple of weeks ago.

Messages appeared on my PC saying that my Cloud storage was full and to buy more space. And true, on checking, there it was: Backup Set 6.2GB / Space used 25.0GB. On my laptop all was normal.

Obviously I did all the usuals of reinstalling, rebooting and then finally called in Support Chat. The girl was 2 hours fiddling around in my PC, creating new accounts etc, etc... and finally passed me to a second technician who after 1 further hour pronounced that the problem must be in their Server.

I did next day get a phone call from an Asian {I believe} gentleman, over a poor line, but had to cut him short being totally incomprehensible.

A few days later the problem disappeared {must have been those servers!}; then, I updated to Windows 10 and found that the cloud backup would not complete {and I'm not blaming Windows}, it reached 100% and kept on going, and the backup to the hardrive on completion gave the message that some files had not been backed up. ....

As I had had time to calm down from the previous ordeal, I once again contacted Support Chat.

As an aside; Norton used to record those chats and then send the transcripts by email - now nothing.

The technician did all the usual things ... as well as deleting my backup sets and then wished to create a new set to try on the cloud. I was asked to choose which files !!!! , well you know that now with Norton you cannot choose : Partition > Folder.

No, you must click those Pictures/Music/Financial Files ....... etc  > Preview > Exclude files - in my case any one of those runs in 100's and 1,000's and the "Folder" function does not work. The technician told me to untick the files to be excluded .... wow !!! .... I started ..... then it was suggested that I was wasting her time; so I opened the Explorer and indicated which files I wanted.

Perhaps you have not noticed, but it is a new 'quirk' of Norton, {if you don't want to go through the above},that to make a new backup set you must first create one with perhaps just one file and then go to the Explorer and right click (rt*) those items to be backed up: Folder/File (rt*) > Norton 360 > Add to Backup {or Exclude}

I was also told that certain files, (ie Filemaker), that I have previously uploaded and recovered from the cloud were not allowed !!!

Finally, the technician after 2½ hours fiddling in my PC left me with the cloud backup running (480MB).

That cloud backup soon reached 100%, but it was still running 6 hours later when I closed it down.

And the deleted hardrive backup of 35GB had to be recreated by the method mentioned above. 

Thank you for listening and I'll run the backups again today - they may just work. 

Ooops!! One last shot.

If you need to recover files from the cloud, all those Partition/Folder/File options are available - or they were last time I looked 



Re: "Where is the problem? Norton Backup or Norton ...?"  

Hi Pedroble.

Sorry you have had troubles and what appears to be less than ideal service.  I will try and pass the questionable support issue on to Norton.  Should they try and follow it up can you say how you contacted support (and be sure it was true Norton support) and did you get any incident numbers?

With Norton backup there appears to be an occasional bug that results in the stored version of the backup file growing far beyond the figure given in Preview and I suspect that is what happened in your case.  If a new backup is run to the online storage then it can take some time after the backup is nominally finished until it reports the all clear, particularly if you are verifying the backup (which is a good idea).  Again I wonder if this is an issue that you have encountered.

As for the backup chioces, then as far as I am aware you can freely select files and folders for inclusion or exclusion on the current versions of Norton.  Though I am using Norton Security I have no reason to suspect that a current version of N360 would be any different in this respect.

If you open the backup pane and select backup sets, then select any backup set or create a new one.  On the "What" page check the C: drive box on the left (it will not allow you to uncheck the "My Documents" box until you have selected something else) and click on the blue text in the upper right quarter of the pane that says "Add or exclude files and folders".  That gives you access to another pane where, by selecting blue text and the bottom right you can select files and folders for inclusion or exclusion via an explorer type interface.

As for some files not being acceptable.... well the current versions of Norton backup are only intended to backup data files (text, images, spreadsheets etc.) and will baulk at things that look like executable files or files that are open/active.  This may well have been the case with "Filemaker".  If you want to backup up all the information on your machine or take an image of the disc then Norton 360 is not an approrpiate package.

I hope the above helps a little.  If you have any further queries then feel free to come back.

All the best.


Re: "Where is the problem? Norton Backup or Norton ...?"  

I've had a similar problem with backup recently - it goes on forever or until the computer switches itself off after many hours. I've given up on Norton backup, at least for the present, and use other backup methods.


Re: "Where is the problem? Norton Backup or Norton ...?"  

I usually do 3 different backups and hope that at least 1 is complete.

As yet I have to find a system that is correct 100% of the time

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