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Where is my Backup?

I want my Backup functionality back.

Norton updated itself.

After the update, a lot was changed:

  • the name of the product changed from "Norton Security" to "Norton Security Ultra";
  • I don't have Backup anymore;
  • a new item appeared: "SafeCam";

I search Google and Norton site, but can't find anything about this Ultra version.
I bought the product to use the backup functions. If the backup was discontinued, I want my money back.

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Accepted Solution

Re: Where is my Backup?

Since no one from Norton Community replied, I decided to post some details and include the solution I've found:

The Problem:

Last week, my Norton product was updated (automatically by Live Update) to a new version
This new version changed the product name to "Norton Secury Ultra", removed the backup functionality, added something called "SafeCam", and some other changes.

The Solution:

This week, after read another similar thead and see no solution, I've decided to force another update, via Live Update.
The version changed to The product name changed back to "Norton Security" with a different logo (see PDF file), backup and all configuration options were back.

I hope this helps anyone who has the same problem.

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