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Where is my Identity Safe?

I have the Norton toolbar at the top of my Chrome browser, but there is no access to the Identity Safe as there used to be. What do I do?



Re: Where is my Identity Safe?

Hi, Pixie. Did you install the toolbar as per these instructions ?


Run Live Updates until no more are found, and then check the settings. You may have to enable them in the browser settings.

Windows 10 Home X 64 Norton Security Premium Current

Re: Where is my Identity Safe?

If your product prompts you to "Get your Toolbar Back" follow along.

Google policies prompted us to have to separate the toolbar into: Web Protection (Norton Security Toolbar) and Password Management (Norton Identity Safe).

You have to first install the toolbar extension-- sounds like you have.

But not the password management.

And then install the identity safe password management extension from following product prompts or if you don't see it go here from Chrome:  https://identitysafe.norton.com/client?server=1

The url in the post is incorrect so I will have to tell them to fix it.

Click here: https://identitysafe.norton.com/client?server=1 and make sure you choose the right product from the drop down.  If you install the wrong extension for your product it will just do nothing and keep prompting you.

Hope this helps,


Norton Identity Safe Team

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