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where is my Norton Toolbar

I have Windows 10.  I got the BSOD and it took over a month to have it fixed!  They finally did a complete new download of Windows 10.  I thought it was going to be fine but then.....  SEVERAL TIMES now, it has come back.  I do and redo what they had instructed  me to do because I took good notes!!!  Since it is working again.....  I don't have my Norton Toolbar.

I got the BSOD again and this time it restarted and put me back to my last time of saving everything.  Now I don't have my Norton Safety Toolbar.  How do I get that back? 

How do I do a new backup once I have the tool bar back?

Can I scan an email before I open it?  Sometimes I don't recognize the sender's name.



Re: where is my Norton Toolbar

See this announcement about Norton Toolbar and Chrome browser.   Although it mentions Chrome, the same thing has been done for Firefox and Edge. This change is because of changes to the code in the browsers that changes the way the browsers handle extensions/add ons.      https://community.norton.com/en/forums/norton-security-toolbar-changes-g...

What was the cause of the BSOD? Who is the 'They' that fixed it?

What backup did you do in the past?  Just do that again. There is no system backup in the Norton products. You would need to look into a drive imaging software.

If you do not recognize an email sender's name, you could just delete the email. At the very least, if you do open the email, do not click on any links in there. If there is some malicious code in the email, Norton will be able to block it if it tries to run.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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