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Why Full Scan Requires Internet Connection?

Why does running a full scan now require an internet connection?


Accepted Solution
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Re: Why Full Scan Requires Internet Connection?

Like previous versions, version 22 uses a combination of scanning techniques for optimal protection.

Although you still have a local set of definitions stored on your computer, this year’s Norton version relies more heavily on cloud based definitions than in previous years.

I am probably over-simplifying the process, but there are a number of benefits to using the cloud definitions. Those that come to mind are listed below.

  • Cloud based protection enables you access to the most up to date definitions. 
  • Even though your local definition set gets updates throughout the day, with the number of emerging threats even those regularly updated files may not be complete and up to the minute when you perform a scan.
  • Utilizing the cloud allows your Norton product to use a smaller and more manageable set of local definitions thus making less of an impact on your system.
  • Using just local definitions would cause the local set to become quite large over time and increases the chance of slower performance and the possibility of an incomplete or corrupt definition set.
  • In the event you don’t have internet access at a particular point, your local definitions still have signatures for the most prevalent threats.

I hope that helps to answer your question.

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