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Why I don't use Norton Identity Safe

So, why I don't use Norton Identity Safe?
The first and the main thing is absence of possibility to use the portable version.
I need portable version because I don't have an administrator permissions for installing client at work. Using the web interface is very inconvenient...
The second thing is private notes, which has limitation of symbols in headline.
So, I'd like to use Norton Idendity Safe, but I use different password manager.



Re: Why I don't use Norton Identity Safe

... online storage seems the trend nowadays!

Have you tried LastPass password manager?  Its free and quick to download.  I tried it but it wasn't for me.  Having used Roboform for a few years, I was was very disappointed when they launched the upgrade for which you had to pay - I felt a bit cheated ... as a long-term regular user there seemed no loyalty returned from Roboform.

However; after all said and done, the Identity Safe in the latest 360 is really very good indeed - especially as you can take your other devices out with you without wondering if you updated your U.S.B. memory stick with your latest logins and notes - just log in to your Norton Account and go!

I'm curious about your comment regards Administrator permissions. You make sense (in theory) but I can't help thinking that Norton would have thought about your situation and provided a solution before releasing the update - don't forget; a good many experts recommend that we all use our computers under a user account, whereby preventing a would-be take over from gaining full access through the administrator account.  Surely Norton would have thought about this and made provision!

Also; I was reluctant to send all my notes and passwords into cyber-space when my update was complete, but, if you think about it ... sending your info to Norton is probably one of the safest places you could send it.

... because you can't be too careful !

Re: Why I don't use Norton Identity Safe

About PC at work I meant that I don't have the access for installation of any programs without administrator permission.
All our computers have the standartized software only and Norton Identity Safe client isn't.
Does Norton Identity Safe has portable version for USB drive? I didn't find...

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