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This forum thread needs a solution.

Windows 10 keeps saying Norton Security has stopped working

On three or more occasions this morning a warning message from Windows 10 has come up that Norton Security has stopped working and suggesting that I should close the program and let Windows look for a solution to the problem.   At this point, the green  tick on the \Norton icon on the task bar at the bottom of the screen has gone, although it is still there on the Norton icon on the bottom right of the screen (where the battery state and other states show).  Clicking on either icon, brings the green tick back on on the task bar.

Is there a problem with Norton, or is there a problem with Windows 10?   The last updates for Windows 10 were on the 14th of this month, and I have run Liveupdate twice this morning on Norton Security.



Re: Windows 10 keeps saying Norton Security has stopped working

Please run Windows updates and apply them if any. Run Live Update until there are no updates to apply. Curent version of Norton is Is this your version? Also are you running any other security? If not you cabn uninstall and reinstall Norton. Since the last Windows 10 updates were on December 13th I would say your Windows is up to date. But check anyways.




Re: Windows 10 keeps saying Norton Security has stopped working

Have you restarted your computer?

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Windows 10 keeps saying Norton Security has stopped working


If your issue persists, you may try the below steps:

  • Make yourself the admin user in your Windows 10;
  • Disable fast startup (click on the above link to get detailed yet simple steps) -> Save and restart
  • Run Norton Remove and Reinstall tool by clicking the above link
  • Then update your Norton Security via LiveUpdate

Check if your issue continues. And, if you're also using other real-time type security program (avast, MBAM Premium, etc.), uninstall that app temporarily, restart your 10 when ready. 

For more info, you may Chat with Norton Support. THX.

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Re: Windows 10 keeps saying Norton Security has stopped working

Just to answer points raised.

Faststartup is disabled.

Windows 10 is and isn't the up to date.  It is version 1511 and is up to date as regards updates for that.  The, I think, 1607 version which was introduced with the anniversary update disabled/removed some of the pre-10 software I use and also re-introduced many of the new features of Windows 10 I had disabled/removed as not wanting/liking them, so as regards version, my laptop is not up to date.

Norton is the current version 

Since I first reported the problem, I have run Liveupdate and scans a number of times and in the end, the problem disappeared just as suddenly as it had appeared.

However, at some point the Norton Safe Search icon on the Firefox toolbar disappeared, although Safe Search is ticked as one of the search tools to use.

Thank you for all the comments that have been made.

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