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Windows 10 shutdown process slows down and browsing becomes non responsive

I had been using Norton 360 and just upgraded to Norton Security Premium.

After the upgrade I noticed the following:

- Browsers become non-responsive frequently. I use both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. I then have tried to uninstall all norton extensions from both browsers and still had the same issue. They would freeze and the title window would display (not-responsive). I had to end the processes frequently.

- Windows sleep and shutdown functions are taking longer. Shutdown will be completed in 2-3 minutes after the screen is turned blank.

I uninstalled Norton Security Premium and use basic Windows Defender now. All computer functions are back to normal. No browser crashing and the shutdown of machine is completed within 10s. 

I really would like to use my Norton subscription though. What can be done?



Re: Windows 10 shutdown process slows down and browsing becomes non responsive

InguisitiveBee  Have you disabled "fast start" in Windows? That setting sometimes causes issues with third party software. Here is how to disable it in the event you do not know how:



"From DOS to Windows10 what a journey it has been" / MS Certified Professional / Windows 10 Home / Professional x 64 version 1903 / build 18362.239 / N360 Deluxe / Norton Core v.282 on Android 2.00

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