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Windows defender interfering with Norton

Since the Windows 10 May update, Windows Defender is always running even with Norton Security installed (Before, it would deactivate with Norton Security installed). This is causing Norton Security to constantly defend itself against being probed by Windows Defender every few minutes: https://ibb.co/7YpGG04 

There are also no options to deactivate Windows Defender, not via options and not via services because it is grayed out there: https://ibb.co/MRh9D81 

I thought it best to make a bug report here so hopefully Symantec can work with Microsoft to fix the issue. 

Windows 10 1903 (OS build 18362.116) 

Norton Security 



Re: Windows defender interfering with Norton

I also can't turn Windows Defender off!  Another problem is, I am unable to get Norton Safe Search option on Windows Edge Home page.   I really don't like Microsoft taking control of my computer without asking. I love Norton Security and will strive to keep it no matter what.  I have used it for many, many,years, and I have not had one problem under their watch.  Why kick a good thing to the side?  Microsoft really needs to learn how to share and not monopolize.


Re: Windows defender interfering with Norton

Often the major Win 10 updates have broken already installed apps. Reinstalling the apps is often necessary to fix the problem created by the Win update.

Try downloading and running the Norton Removal and Reinstall Tool from   www.norton.com/nrnr   

Likewise for the Edge extension. Try removing it and reinstalling.

Another possible thing to check. The Windows Fast Startup feature often gets turned on again after these major updates. It might be worth looking at that setting again if you had turned it off in the past.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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